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Google Analytics is a program that aids companies in analyzing user data from websites and apps, providing insights for enhancing online operations. In order to support data-driven decision-making, it measures metrics like page views, bounce rates, and conversions.

Google Analytics Consulting: Use Data To Drive Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most effective resources at your disposal for online marketing is Google Analytics. To translate all of that data into concrete actions that boost your bottom line, though, can be challenging. You may find the data that is most important to you and your company with the aid of WebFX and take action on it. You always know precisely where your money is going because our Google Analytics consulting services are 100% transparent in their pricing. For more information or to get a precise price quote, scroll down!

The data from Google Analytics may help you understand the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you manage a small business or a huge enterprise-level organization. You require a Google Analytics consulting company to assist you in making the best judgments so that you can effectively get comprehensive industry information on how to best interpret your website data.

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In 2005, Google Analytics was introduced. Since 2012, we have been a Google Analytics Certified Partner. We are, I suppose, rather devoted to our relationship. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we audit, set up, and refine your Google Analytics installation for long-term success.

Reporting Customization

Are you making use of Google Analytics to the fullest extent possible? Our team can and will provide you with the resources you need to tailor reporting for various teams and stakeholders, accelerating decision-making and establishing a uniform format for data sharing between teams.

Integration of Data

Close the loop on your analytics by making sure all of your CRM, Marketing Automation, Call Tracking, and other technologies are integrated and operating together as they should. In order to deliver effective reporting on all facets of your business, our has vast experience connecting all of your data sources.

Moving to GA4

GA4 is on its way. Google has announced that Universal Analytics will be discontinued in July 2023. Every day that goes by means more data is lost. Your success on the new reporting platform will be ensured by the assistance of our staff as you transition to GA4.

Resolving Data Problems

Google Analytics is receiving data, but is it reliable? Do your judgments depend on inaccurate data? Our staff can examine your present configuration and give you the information you require to improve your implementation and reporting.



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Master Plan

All of our consulting and management services for Google Analytics begin with investigation and study. We personally analyze and map your website, whether you already have a Google Analytics implementation in place or not (good thing you found us! ), to make sure that all crucial pages, actions, and conversion points are included so they can be accurately tracked. The next stage is to prioritize what has to be done in terms of implementation to ensure that all data obtained is reliable, clean, current, and, most importantly, consistently correct.


Following the strategy phase, we immediately start putting the top recommendations from our Google Analytics audit into practice to make sure that any future data is pertinent and useful for any ongoing digital marketing strategy or campaign. It is essential that Google Analytics is configured correctly and integrated with the business tools you rely on to manage your organization since without pertinent and appropriate data we cannot develop and implement strategy.

We make sure everyone:

Snippets for Tag Manager and Google Analytics are deployed.
Traffic is being accurately monitored.
Filtering of internal IPs
Event and goal tracking has been properly set up.
Tracking and accounting for attribution
Correct integration of business tools with GA and GTM

Enhancement + Reporting

All digital plans and initiatives must consistently give opportunities their full potential while ensuring that data is accurate. We frequently check your Google Analytics installation and set up automated notifications to let us know if there are any problems. In order to better help you understand how our digital strategies are succeeding, what we’ve learned in that month, and what it means for ongoing strategy, we also offer regular monthly reporting meetings.

With Google Data Studio and Google 360, we also advance Google Analytics reporting! Check it out to see the full potential of Google’s marketing platform.


We naturally want you to be involved in the process and feel empowered by the information. To assist you and your team in becoming familiar with Google Analytics and how it can be used internally to make data-driven business choices, the Google Analytics professionals at Marcel Digital also provide on- and off-site training sessions.

We’ll teach you everything:

Google Analytics: What Is It?
Who are your users?
What they do on your site and where they are from
How to use GA to examine massive amounts of data
How to identify potential conversions

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Industry Knowledge In Our Google Analytics

For our Enterprise-level clients, we also provide more sophisticated Google Analytics capabilities, such as custom website call monitoring, which can be used to monitor which company generates the most conversions.

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